7 Dog Breeds With Partially Webbed Feet

Bred to hunt waterfowl in icy waters. Dense coat and webbed feet provide swimming prowess.  

 Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

Historic rugged seafaring dogs with profuse coat protecting skin and webbed toes aiding swimming.

Portuguese Water Dog

 Skilled hunting companions with water repellent coat and slight webbing helping them excel at retrieving in marshlands

Field Spaniel  

Tenacious versatile gundogs aided by partially webbed feet when fetching prey on land and water.  

German Wirehaired Pointer 

Tolling” dogs luring waterfowl within hunters' range using quickness empowered partially by webbed toes.

Nova Scotia Duck 

Webbed feet on rough-coated British hounds once used to hunt otters in river country but now rare.  


Iconic water rescue dogs built with webbed feet, swimming muscles and waterproof coat to power through frigid water.


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