Why Playing Fetch With Sticks Is Harmful for Dogs

Pointy sticks poke painful wounds in gums and tongue as dogs excitedly catch them mid-air.

Mouth Injuries 

 Running for sticks mid-breath, dogs can dangerously inhale them obstructing airways requiring immediate removal.  

Choking Danger

Splintered sticks piercing intestinal tract require urgent surgical removal before causing fatal sepsis infections.

Internal Injury  

Fetch rubber, rope or soft squeaky toys instead of wood avoiding painful sticks accidents. Frisbees rock!

Safer Alternatives  

Actively monitor fetch play and teach immediate "drop" commands for safety.  

Supervise Always

Reinforce leave it cues when your dog approaches hazardous sticks to prevent their fixation in the first place.

Train "No Sticks" 

 Inspect fetch toys for choking hazards like loose parts, rips. Discard and replace worn toys.

Check Toys  

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