Why Is My Dog's Stomach Turning Purple

Has your dog developed an odd purple discoloration on their stomach or abdominal area? This visible skin change likely has you concerned.

Purple Discoloration 

Pressure sores from laying too long, and bacterial or fungal infections can all lead to purplish discolored skin on a dog's stomach.

Common Causes

Mild cases may resolve on their own, while worsening or painful cases need veterinary attention.

Assess Severity 

Small purple spots could be harmless bruises or birthmarks. Larger spreading purple skin suggests something more serious.


Skin infections can result in inflamed purple skin. Seek treatment promptly to prevent worsening infection.

Bacterial Infections  

Ringworm and yeast on dog skin can appear reddish-purple. Anti-fungal medication clears fungal infections.

Fungal Infections

Pressure sores from laying too long on hard surfaces can lead to painful purple blistering. Provide soft bedding.

Pressure Sores

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