Why Is My Dog Shaking?

Dogs shake in response to loud noises, unfamiliar or threatening stimuli triggering their fight-or-flight response.   

Fear or Anxiety

 Some dogs tremble when eagerly anticipating an activity like meals or going for walks due to rising energy and adrenaline.


Senior dogs can develop muscle weakness or pain causing slight hand tremors and shaking, especially in the hind limbs.  

Old Age 

 Shivering helps dogs regain normal body temperature whether they get too hot or cold. Panting may accompany this. 

Temperature Extremes

Dogs shake water off their fur instinctively after getting wet or being towel dried following baths and grooming.

Post Bath-Grooming  

Discomfort from injury or conditions like arthritis and neurological disorders can manifest as bodily shaking in dogs.   

Medical Reasons  

Be patient, speak calmly and pet gently if your dog is shaking due to stress. Help them feel safe.

Provide Reassurance  

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