Why Is My Cat So Clingy?

Inactive cats left alone all day crave stimulation and bonding when you’re finally home, leading clinginess from lack of fun solo play outlets.


Stressful changes, adding new pets or moving often manifest clingily while seeking security. Pheromones, routine helps.


Senior cats facing health issues or cognitive decline feel dependent, crying for attention. Check ups help diagnose age-related concerns.  


Newly homed rescue cats/kittens attach quickly to caregivers meeting needs they associate with survival during a vulnerable transition.  


Dental disease, arthritis, dementia or neurological problems leave cats feeling unsettled and insecure clamoring for comfort continually.


Another pet or new baby divides focus previously only showered upon kitty exclusively so they act out begging for solo attention again.


Early weaning, abandonment or mistreatment trauma breeds attention neediness, fear of repeat neglect. Building trust takes time.  


Effective Ways To Correct Cat Behavior