Why Is My Cat Meowing So Much

Schedule a vet visit to rule out pain, infections, hyperthyroidism, dementia or other issues.

Checked for Illness 

Look for stressors like construction noise, new pet, clutter or changes. Address root causes.  

Evaluate Environment 

Hungry, lonely or bored cats meow more. Give food puzzles, play sessions & affection.

Meet Needs  

Cat pheromones, CBD oils, calming treats & herbs may reduce vocalizing.

Calming Products 

If attention-seeking, ignore the cat. For outdoor cats seen out a window, limit view.  

Triggers Meowing   

Feed dinner later so the cat sleeps instead of waking you. Shut outside bedroom door.  

Night Meowing 

Predictable feeding, play & sleep times prevent boredom & confusion driving meows.

Keep a Routine

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