Do Dogs Dream? 

Science confirms dogs definitely dream just like humans. Their sleep cycles & brain waves during REM sleep match ours. 

Yes, Dogs Do Dream

Dreams may replay recent awake events or activities. A busy exciting day may spark vivid dreams.

Dream Triggers

Dogs likely dream about common daily happenings like eating, playing fetch, going for walks, barking at the mailman.

About Common Activities   

Since dogs love their people so much, they probably dream about their fun times together and pleasing their owners

Dreaming Of Their Humans  

Positive dreams may involve praise, treats, belly rubs and other rewards since dogs have rewarding associations.

Dreaming Of Rewards

 Some funny theories suggest dogs may dream about chasing squirrels, cats or other animals they like to run after when awake.

Chasing Squirrels?  

Dogs may have occasional nightmares about things that scare them like loud noises, vacuum cleaners or separation from their humans.

Possible Nightmares   

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