Why Dogs Make Superior Pets vs Cats

Dogs become strongly bonded and attached to their caregivers while cats tend to love the location more, not people providing for them over time.  


Dogs rush to greet owners at the door versus many cats who don't even acknowledge returns after absences, making dogs more excited about us.


Canines crave our attention devotedly and seek to return the favor while independent cats couldn't care less about quality time usually.


Dogs respect human feelings and make adjustments based on tones, whereas cats plow ahead with annoying behaviors oblivious to frustrations.


Well socialized dogs actively solicit new friends politely compared to anti-social felines hiding from unfamiliar guests under beds out of mere unsociability.


Service dogs embrace jobs aiding the disabled eagerly unlike cats refusing to budge or provide mobility support on command.  


Dogs love exploring the outdoors together on walks versus the useless homebody nature of many cats terrified to leave familiar settings


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