Why Dogs Hilariously Chase Their Own Tails

Herding dog breeds often chase tails trying to "herd" them since the motion triggers their nipping instincts.

Herding Instincts

Certain breeds like Bull Terriers are genetically prone to tail chasing tendencies. The reasons behind it are not fully understood.


Dogs will chase tails excessively due to obsessive compulsive disorder. It can indicate anxiety.

 Anxiety & Stress  

 Chase circles provide mental & physical stimulation for under-exercised dogs with excess energy to burn

Boredom Buster   

In some cases, pain or nerve dysfunction makes tails irritated targets. Vet exams help rule out causes.

Medical Causes

Some dogs learn tail chasing garners attention, even if negative, from shocked owners.  


Simple reasons like fun, enjoyment and having a tail readily handy provide dogs endless entertainment.

 For Fun!  

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