Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me?

When cats head bunt objects or owners they deposit facial pheromones claiming things as safe community members. 

Scent Marking 

Head bonks demonstrate cats like you. It mimics cat social face rubbing for bonding and affection.  

Kitty Kisses  

Cats sniff hair/skin during head bumps, gathering intel on where you've been and associating comfort.

 Scent Investigation  

By bopping heads cats transfer their smells to you, a mingling marketed as communal scent harmony.  

 Mixing Scents  

Bunting traces back to face rubbing kitten behaviors seeking food and comfort from mom early on.   

Instinctual Antics  

Often cats gently bonk heads as a solicitation for attention, treats or inviting play sessions. 

 Pet Me Please  

Head knocks verify cats feel safe with that person or environment before fully relaxing.  

Security Sniff  

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