Why Do Dogs Sniff Human Crotches?

Dogs sniff crotches as a way to gather information about identity, health, and more through scent

Scent Communication   

For dogs, crotch-sniffing is a natural "handshake" - their way of saying hello and gathering first impressions

Saying "Hello"  

By sniffing crotches, dogs can detect signs of fertility, virility, and disease invisible to humans. It's key info when getting to know someone in the dog world.

Assessing Health

Dogs have scent glands in their genital areas. By sniffing, they pick up on markers left behind by other dogs about territories, ranks, etc.

 Scent Marking  

 Intact male dogs tend to crotch-sniff more often, especially when meeting female dogs. But dogs of all ages and sexes engage in this behavior.

Consider Age & Gender

While awkward for humans, crotch-sniffing is common, natural dog behavior - so don't punish your dog for following his instincts.  

It's Natural Dog Behavior

 Teach your dog a solid "leave it" cue. Never yell or knee your dog for sniffing - it will just confuse them. Politely ask owners before allowing crotch-sniffs.

 What Should You Do? 

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