Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face

A dog's sense of smell is 10,000-100,000x better than humans. Licking allows them to better analyze scents on your face.

Scent Detection 

Dogs have 1,700 taste buds compared to 9,000 in humans. Licking allows them to explore tastes they find interesting.

Taste Exploration

Mother dogs lick their puppies to groom and soothe them. Face licking is calming and comforting.

Soothing Instinct 

Dogs can detect health issues like cancer through scent. Licking provides information on your health and wellbeing.

Health Check

Dogs lick when bored or stressed. Face licking self-soothes and passes time.   

Boredom Buster

Dogs study human facial expressions. Licking helps them learn what you like or don't like


Bottom line - dogs lick your face because you're their family. It shows they trust and feel affection for you.

They Care

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