Why Do Dogs Hump? 

 Humping can just mean dogs are feeling playful, happy, stimulated, or energized. It's not always sexual but can become a tough habit.  


Stressed pups may hump objects or people to self-soothe anxiety. It releases endorphins that calm them.  


Some dogs learn humping gets owners' attention with strong reactions. Ignore harmless humping to prevent this.   

Attention Needs  

Dogs may hump people/dogs when feeling insecure to regain confidence and control. It's like saying "I'm still boss here!


Urinary tract infections, blocked glands, etc. can elicit humping too. It pays to get vet checkups.

Health Issues

 Lack of exercise and mental stimulation cause pent-up energy some dogs release through humping behaviors. 


Meet dogs' enrichment needs. Train impulse control. Don't punish or yell. Redirect or say "off" then praise stopping.  

Training Tips   

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