Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Grass-eating traces back to the dog's wolf ancestry. The behavior persists even in domesticated dogs. 

 Instinctive Behavior

Some dogs eat grass to induce vomiting of stomach contents causing discomfort or nausea due to illness or dietary indiscretion.  

Upset Stomach  

Grass can provide dogs with plant fiber for better digestion or augmentation of overall nutritional needs.

 Fiber & Nutrients  

Eating grass gives dogs something harmless yet satisfying to chew or destroy as an outlet for stress or boredom.  

Boredom Reliever 

Some dogs learn eating grass gets a reaction from their owners, providing them engagement & attention

Attention Seeking   

Frequent grass eating may indicate a possible health issue. Consult your veterinarian if it becomes excessive.  

Check for Illness  

Politely distract your dog when grazing using treat puzzles or playtime for more constructive activities.  

Use Positive Reinforcement  

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