Why Do Dogs Circle Before They Lay Down?

"Circling" is a pre-laying down ritual for dogs. It's an instinctual behavior deeply rooted in their ancestors' habits, preparing a comfortable spot in the wild.


Circling is a display of territorial instincts. By circling, dogs create a sense of ownership over their chosen sleeping area, marking it with their scent.

Territorial Instinct

Before settling, dogs circle to assess the surroundings. This safety check ensures they choose a secure and strategic spot, minimizing potential threats.

Safety Check

Circling mimics nesting behavior. Dogs, instinctively, want to create a cozy and protected space, much like their ancestors who would prepare a nest in the wild.

Nesting Behavior

Circling helps regulate body temperature. This behavior allows dogs to create a comfortable bed by flattening the grass or leaves beneath them, providing insulation.

Temperature Regulation

Circling is also a form of muscle stretching. It helps limber up their muscles, ensuring they are relaxed and ready for a restful sleep.

Muscle Stretch

Observing your dog's circling habits offers insight into their instincts. Embrace and respect this behavior as a natural part of their ancestral heritage.

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