Why Do Cats Like High Places?

Cats have an instinctual preference for high places. In the wild, elevated spots provide safety and a strategic advantage for spotting prey and potential threats.


Climbing offers cats a panoramic view of their territory. It satisfies their innate need to survey their surroundings, ensuring they can identify potential dangers or opportunities.

Surveying Territory

Cats feel secure in elevated locations, away from perceived ground-level threats. This behavior is deeply ingrained in their survival instincts.

Safety Perch

Elevated spots offer better temperature control. Cats can choose areas with optimal temperatures, whether it's to stay warm near a window or cool on a high shelf.

Temperature Regulation

High places serve as escape routes. Cats feel more in control when they have multiple vantage points to observe and retreat if needed, enhancing their overall sense of security.

Escape Routes

Climbing is a natural feline behavior. It helps them stay physically active, maintain agility, and express their inherent climbing and hunting skills.

Natural Behavior

Fulfill your cat's instinctual needs by providing cat trees or shelves. Offering designated high spots allows your cat to indulge their climbing instincts in a safe and satisfying way.

Providing Alternatives

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