Why Cats Urinate & Defecate in Houseplants

Kidney disease, UTIs, diabetes or thyroid dysfunction leads to urgent accidents cats can’t control. Vet visit determines treatment path.   

Pre-existing Conditions  

Changes with people, pets, home environments generate nervous unrest. Provide reassuring comforts of familiar beds, routines until they readjust.   

Anxiety & Discomfort

Ensure litter boxes are set up privately on quiet, low traffic areas cats favor. Add boxes if resource guarding or ambushing happens.  

Location Preferences  

Cats dislike scented, coarse or sandy litters avoiding use. Experiment with pure clumping clay or pellet options they accept eliminating in exclusively.   

Substandard Litter Appeal

Scat mats giving harmless static shocks when stepped on help give litter boxes positive priority again. Spray bottle corrections also deter unwanted digging.

Deterrent Devices  

Don’t punish accidents. Use enzymatic cleaners removing all urine and stool smells that attract cats back to the same soiled planting spots repeatedly.   

Clean Messes Thoroughly 

Keep cats out of plant areas during retraining using baby gates for a few weeks. Supervise always when granting plant area entry again.  

Access Temporarily   

Design Tips to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box