Why Are My Cat's Eyes Watery

Bacterial, viral or fungal eye infections can cause watery eyes with discharge in cats. Seek prompt vet treatment.


Allergies to pollen, dust, food can cause itchy, watery eyes in cats. Antihistamines provide relief after identifying the allergen.


Blocked nasolacrimal ducts prevent tear drainage causing overflow and watery eyes in cats. Flushing can help.

Tear Ducts

Foreign bodies, smoke, dust getting into the eyes can cause irritation, inflammation and excessive watering.


Painful corneal ulcers from scratches or trauma make eyes watery. Get veterinary attention to avoid blindness.

Eye Ulcers

Rolled-in eyelids irritate the eye surface leading to tearing up. Surgery can correct the abnormality.


Rarely, tumors around the eyes or eyelids can cause excessive tearing. Biopsy is needed for diagnosis.


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