Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks

Dogs hear 4 times more sounds at greater distances than humans, so fireworks seem suddenly explosive to their sensitive ears.

Noise Sensitivity 

Gunpowder scents from fireworks can smell threatening to military or hunting dog breeds especially when coupled with noises.   

Smells Trigger

Dogs may misinterpret falling firework ashes as scary rain or interpret owners' tension as affirming danger.  

Misread Cues

Impressionable puppies or formerly abused rescue dogs have higher risk of developing fireworks phobias.  

Fear Periods  

Soothing stressed dogs with treats, music drowning noise, covered crates, anxiety wraps and pheromones helps. 

Calming Tips   

Short term sedatives, natural supplements help minimize panic but don't resolve underlying anxiety.


 Gradually expose dogs to firework sounds at low volumes first to disassociate fear if loud celebrations are unavoidable.   


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