Where Do Cats Like to Be Petted?

As you explore potential petting hotspots, observe your cat's reactions for clutching, shifting away, or leaning into touches they like.  

Watch Body Language  

 Using gentle fingers, stroke in circular motions along the sides of the face and cheeks, avoiding direct eyes or whiskers contact.  

Cheek Rubs  

Slow sustained scratches under the chin and near the base of the jaw often feel sublime, releasing endorphins.  

Under the Chin  

Gently massage around ear edges and where they meet the head - but don't poke inside ear canal openings.

Ears Base

Use knuckles to massage and scratch delicate areas around the shoulder blades just out of reach of feline tongue grooming.

Shoulder Blades  

Apply petting pressure along the spine from shoulders to upper hindquarters, stopping before you reach the tail.

 Lower Back  

Try small finger circles pressed into and around kitty's temples along the sides of the forehead

Temple Circles 

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