When to Start Feeding Puppies Wet Food

From 3-4 weeks old, puppies naturally start sampling solid foods. Nutrient-dense canned puppy foods mixed with kibble safely supplement breast milk or formula.  

Supplement Nursing  

Around 6-8 weeks as their teeth erupt, decrease nursing bottle or lactating mother feedings, relying more on sufficiently balanced commercial wet/dry complete diets.

Weaning Transitions 

The high moisture content in wet recipes helps support hydration demands of growing puppies at risk of dehydration.  

Hydrating Benefits

The savory aroma and flavor entices fussy eaters or puppies adjusting from nursing to self-feeding more willingly at the critical 5-12 week imprint stage.  

Palatability Aid  

Blend a spoonful of canned food into their normal kibble slowly transitioning ratios until fully swapped to all wet or 50/50 wet and dry combinations long-term.  

Kibble Mix-ins   

Carefully select grain-free formulas with digestible simple proteins, fruits and vegetables appropriate for puppies - never "cuts" or by-products.

Quality Crucial   

Choose pup canned foods meant for specific projected adult size categories to prevent nutritional excess or deficiencies.

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