When It's Too Cold to Walk Your Dog

If your dog is shivering, whining, lifting their paws, or seeming eager to go inside, it may be too cold for them.  

Watch Their Signals

In very cold temps, limit walks to no more than 30 minutes. Paws, ears, and tail risk frostbite in prolonged freezing air.  

Time Limi

Anything below 32°F can be difficult for smaller breeds. Some giants with thick coats can handle below 0°F temps.  

Check Temp

Puppies, senior dogs, and breeds with less fur need to stay warmer. Shorten walk times and skip days below 45°F.

Age Matters

Icy, slippery ground raises risk of injury. Skip walks on freezing rain days or immediately after snowfall.  

Look For Ice  

Bitter, sharp winds multiply effects of cold. Seek protected, non-windy routes for walks below 32°F degrees.

Avoid Wind  

A waterproof dog jacket, paw balm or booties can expand safe walk temps for cold-sensitive pups.  

Get Equipped    

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