When Do Dogs Reach Their Full Size

Puppies grow rapidly in their first 6 months, often doubling their weight in their first 2-3 months before growth starts to slow down.  


From 6-18 months old, dog growth continues but at a slower pace during adolescence as they near maturity.


Large and giant breeds take 2-3 years to reach full size. Small breeds hit adult size faster at 9-12 months old.  


Neutering, especially before full maturity, typically results in dogs being slightly smaller than those neutered later.


Proper nutrition supports healthy bone and muscle growth in puppies and adolescents to reach full potential. 


Medical issues like orthopedic problems may stunt growth. Some diseases delay dogs reaching their full size.


Genetics significantly influence the mature size of purebred dogs. Mixes vary more depending on dominant traits.  


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