What's the Ideal Bathing Frequency For Dogs?

Start bathing & handling puppies gently so they get used to water & grooming by adulthood. Offer praise, treats & keep it short.

Start As Puppies

Bathe healthy adult dogs every 1-2 months only. Frequent washing strips essential skin oils leading to irritation, itching & injury.  

Every 6-8 weeks  

Wash dogs as soon as possible if excessively dirty or foul-smelling from accidents, burrs, fecal or urine contact or other challenges.  

When Dirty or Smelly  

Seek prompt veterinary diagnosis and treatment if your dog has inflamed, itchy, infected or irritated skin and allow medicated baths.  

Skin Issues

Post-surgery baths should be approved by your vet depending on location and procedure. Wounds need proper cleaning for healing.

After Surgeries

Regardless of bath schedule, properly wash all dog bedding at least once a week - especially if health conditions are present.

Disinfect Bedding   

Always use appropriate dog shampoo and lukewarm water, avoid eyes and ears, thoroughly rinse and properly dry your dog's coat.  

Bathing Method   

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