What's the Best Collar for Your Cat

When selecting a cat collar, safety should be the top priority, then adjustability for proper fit, followed by durability and design suited to your cat.


Breakaway and elastic stretch cat collars allow escape if caught while preventing strangulation risks. Great for active outdoor cats who could snag them.

Safest Choices  

Measure your cat's neck and add 1-2 inches for adjustable collars providing comfortable room without risking getting jaws stuck while eating etc. 

Proper Fit  

Reflective collars, ID tags with engraving, quick release clasps, bright colors/patterns all provide extra safety for cats out and about.  

Special Features  

Leather and nylon work for many cats but individual needs vary. Try different textures to see what your cat tolerates best against skin to prevent irritation.


Personalized cat collar styles with fun patterns, colors and decorations allow accessorizing your cat's individual personality and special traits.

Custom Looks 

Affordable basic collars work fine for indoor cats. Outdoor adventuring cats need more investment in high visibility and quick release options.

Budget Buys 

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