What's Normal for Cat Defecation?

Most cats poop once or twice a day but some consistently go 3 times daily routinely.  

 Typical Varies  

Diet moisture content, particle size, Fiber intake, hydration status and age all impact bowel movement numbers.

Influencing Factors 

Constipation, infection, megacolon, cancer, colitis and other illness alters defecation frequency.

Underlying Conditions

Stress, ambush risks, box state can provoke holding waste until desperate.  

 Litter Box Problems  

Constipation results from grooming-coat ingestion, dehydration, foreign items, musculoskeletal issues, gastrointestinal disease.  

Too Little Pooping

Diarrhea follows medication reactions, anxiety, intestinal irritation, toxins, infection etc.

Too Much Pooping 

 If stools deviate consistently from baseline without identifiable reason, consult your veterinarian!  

When Concerned

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