What's Behind Your Dog Splooting

Splooting helps dogs stretch out to cool their bellies on hot floors. Think of them as furry little ACs trying to beat the heat!

Cooling Off

Splooting may stretch or align dogs' hip joints in a way that relieves discomfort from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Joint Comfort   

Splooting just plain feels good! The stretch hits the right spot for some dogs.

 Silly Comfort  

That cool floor also likely feels oh-so-nice on any doggy itches. Splooting may allow dogs to scratch their backs.

 Back Scratch  

 Showing their bellies exposes dogs' most vulnerable area, signaling non-threatening intention

Submission Signal   

Confident pups will casually sploot around friends. It shows they feel 100% relaxed and safe.  

Confidence Display

Some dogs sploot simply because they learn it makes the humans laugh and shower them with affection

Attention Seeking    

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