What Your Kitty's Movements Really Mean

A cat's tail speaks volumes. A raised tail signifies a happy cat, while a puffed-up tail signals fear


Purring is not just a sign of contentment. Cats also purr when stressed or unwell. Pay attention to the context, accompanying behaviors


Ear positions convey a lot about a cat's mood. Forward-facing ears indicate curiosity, while flattened ears signal fear or aggression


A cat's eyes are windows to their soul. Dilated pupils suggest excitement or fear, while slow blinking signifies trust


Cats mark territory, stretch muscles, and express emotions through scratching. Understanding this behavior helps you cater to your cat's needs


Adult cats knead for comfort and contentment. Recognizing this behavior allows you to create a soothing environment for your feline companion


Meows, chirps, and purrs are forms of feline communication. Each sound has a unique meaning, from greetings to requests


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