What Your Feline Friend is Trying to Tell You

Slow eye blinks show contentment and trust. Blink back to say "I love you too!"

Slow Blinking

Rubbing deposits scent and shows affection. Gently pet them back to bond.

Rubbing on You

Belly exposure conveys deep trust. Gently pet - don't rub!

Exposing Belly

Kneading and suckling indicates soothing comfort. Let them enjoy this kitten-like ritual.


An upright tail signals feeling happy and greeting you.

Upright Tail 

A gently wagging tip reflects a positive mood. Reward with attention.

Wagging Tail Tip 

This meow is a friendly "hello!" Chat back to make them purr.

Low-Pitched Meow

You Need to Know About this Feline Favorite