What Your Cat Is Saying?

Dilated pupils indicate excitement or fear. In low light, pupils expand to let in more light, but in a tense situation, it signals heightened emotions like fear or aggression.

Dilated Pupils

Constricted pupils suggest contentment or focus. Your cat's pupils are narrowed, it often means they are relaxed or intensely concentrating on something.

Constricted Pupils

Slow blinking is a sign of trust and affection. When your cat blinks at you slowly, it's expressing a deep sense of comfort and friendship.

Blinking Slowly

Half-closed eyes signal relaxation and trust. This expression indicates that your cat feels secure and comfortable in its environment.

Half-Closed Eyes

Wide open eyes may signify alertness or surprise. Your cat may adopt this expression when they notice something unusual or are in a state of high alert.

Wide Open Eyes

Squinting is a gesture of contentment. When your cat squints at you, it's a positive sign of relaxation, similar to a human expressing a smile.


Intense staring can indicate curiosity or focus. When your cat locks eyes with something, they are often deeply engaged or intrigued by the subject.

Staring Intensely

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