The Cost of Owning a Dog

Dog food, treats and supplements cost $200-$900+ yearly depending on dog size.


Annual vet visits, vaccines and preventatives cost $235-$1155 per large/small dog. Illness/injury incidents extra.

Medical Care   

Leashes, beds, bowls, toys and more dog gear costs $50-$350+ upfront. Replacement items extra yearly.  


Haircuts, nail trims, teeth cleanings run $150-$850+ yearly depending on coat maintenance needs.


A week at a kennel over vacation averages $200-$375 per dog depending on amenities chosen.


Group or private training classes average $50-$1500+ depending on goals like obedience, security, service skills.


Annual license fees, municipal registration and pet waste fines cost $20-$150+ per year.

Licenses & Fees

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