What Makes A Cat's Eyes Glow Red In Dark

Eyeshine describes the vibrant colored flashes seen when eyes catch external light sources at night thanks to a unique inner eye layer many mammals possess.  


Cats have a reflective tissue called tapetum lucidum lining their eyes which bounces light back out creating visible eye glow shining effects.

Tapetum Lucidum

This layer magnifies light intake allowing improved vision in darkness explaining excellent nighttime hunting abilities.

Enhanced Vision  

Tapetum lucidum density and eye retina pigments create different hues like red, yellow, green or blue when eyes catch flashes.

Colors Vary  

Shine a flashlight into your cat's eyes at night and the color seen back is their unique eyeshine signature.

Flashlight Test

This eye glow helps alert night drivers seeing felines sooner for safety too. It served survival of past wild species.  

Safety Glow  

But glow hinders normal day vision, so this retinal layer is reabsorbed by daylight hours until dusk reforms it.

Remove Glare 

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