What is the Frequency of Dogs Going Into Heat

Most non-spayed female dogs go into heat every 6 months or twice yearly though breed, health and age impact cycle regularity.  

Cycle Length

The receptive fertility phase of heat averages 9 days but intact heat cycles last up to 3 weeks from start to finish.


The onset of sexual maturity triggers first heats while sunlight exposure regulates estrous cycle hormone changes in subsequent seasons.


Appetite changes, restlessness, frequent urination, tail flagging, swollen vulva and vaginal bleeding signal recurring heat onset.


While variable by breed, puberty strikes female puppies between 6-15 months old with smaller dogs maturing earlier than larger breeds.  


Spaying eliminates heats altogether preventing mammary tumors, unwanted mating behaviors, messiness, and aggression risks.  


Use dog diapers, confinement, supervision and scent masking to safely manage intact heat cycles until the planned spay date.


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