What Does My Cat's Meowing Mean?

Loud, incessant meowing says my food bowl is empty! High-pitched demanding cries repeat until cats get dinner, treats or attention.  

Feed Me Meows  

Attention-seeking meows sounding like questions come from understimulated cats desiring playtimes or exciting interactions with owners.

Boredom Meows 

Plaintive meows sometimes escalating into distressed yowling indicates separated cats urgently wishing to reunite with absent owners or family.  

 Lonely Meows  

Pleasant trill meows while blinking slowly show happiness greeting owners. Cats make friendly "small talk" conversing back when spoke to.

Chatty Conversation 

Deep growl-like meows, scowling faces, flattened ears show irritation. Give grouchy cats space until the mood passes.  

Angry Meows 

New environments trigger odd warbling mews. Short inquisitive murmurs also mean "why aren't you petting me yet?" requests.  

Confused Meows  

Low pitched cautious mews alert something making cats feel unsafe. Loud alarm wails signal immediate extreme terror responses.   

Scared Meows

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