What Do Dog Sleep Positions Mean

Dogs who sleep curled up tightly enjoy cozy spaces and alone time, feeling secure and comfortable.  


Confident relaxed dogs who sprawl out on their stomachs sleep in the Superman position, fully trusting their environment.


Lying on their sides exposes dogs' vulnerable bellies and indicates they feel happy plus protected enough to sleep this way.  


Sleeping with legs in the air prevents overheating and may signal a dog is hot, helping regulate their temperature.  

Legs Up

Introspective dogs put their head on top of an outstretched paw, similar to the thoughtful Thinker statue pose.   

Head on Paw

Dogs sleeping pressed up against other dogs or their human display bonding, imply trust, and may be guarding their companion.


Anxious dogs bury their heads under something or against your body seeking soothing darkness and comfort to relieve stress.  

Head Burrowed

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