What Do Cats' Meows Mean?

A short, sweet meow often serves as a friendly greeting. Your cat may use this meow to acknowledge your presence and express happiness.

Greeting Meow

An insistent and repetitive meow signals your cat's needs. It's for food, attention, or playtime, this meow indicates a specific request.

Demand Meow

Purring accompanied by meows is a sign of contentment and relaxation. Your cat may express happiness and satisfaction through this combination.

Purring Meow

A high-pitched and urgent meow suggests distress or discomfort. Pay attention to changes in your cat's environment or health when hearing this meow.

Distress Meow

Cats use a chirping or trilling meow during play. This unique sound indicates excitement and enjoyment, especially during interactive play sessions.

Playful Meow

Soft, gentle meows accompanied by purring signify affection. Your cat may use this meow to express love and seek closeness.

Affection Meow

Cats may meow to grab your attention. This vocalization serves as a way for your cat to communicate and engage with you.

Attention Meow

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