What Do A Cat’s Eyes Mean?

Extended, relaxed blinks communicate to you and other cats peaceful mood signaling trust, contentment and affection!

Slow Blinks

Enlarged pupils = Fear/Anxiety Alert! And Constricted = Feeling Chill. Light drives changes.  

Dilated Pupils  

Unbroken eye contact signals pending aggressive interaction whereas brief glances conveys curiosity.   

The Stare  

Heavy-lidded disinterest could mean bored, relaxed, tired or subtly dismissing your advances.  


Ear position matches eye focus direction - forward=interest, sideways=uncertantity, backwards=scared.  

Ears Align With Eyes

Some discharge/redness is normal but increased eye irritations need veterinary attention to prevent damage.

Eye Boogers & Redness 

Excessive blinking, squinting, unequal pupils or inability to open lids cues potential neurological, vision issues.

Blinking Irregularities 

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