What Causes Cat Blindness & How Is It Treated?

Uncontrolled diabetes in cats can lead to sudden blindness. Strict insulin therapy and blood sugar regulation helps prevent vision loss.


Hypertension damages blood vessels supplying the eyes, resulting in stroke and acute blindness in cats. Medication controls blood pressure.  

Blood Pressure

Car accidents, falls, animal attacks causing eye & brain injuries lead to partial or full vision loss in cats. Protecting cats helps avoid.

Physical Trauma 

Conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, detached retinas and optic nerve issues lead to progressive blindness as cats age.  


While blindness can't be reversed or cured in cats, providing supportive medical care, safe environments, routine and enrichment aids adjustment.

Supportive Care

Medicines to regulate diabetes, blood pressure and anxiety may help blind cats manage underlying conditions and live happily.   

Medications As Needed

Make their surroundings soothing, consistent and interactive through audible toys, scent cues, raised feeding stations, litterbox guides.


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