What Cat Breeds Are Easiest to Train

The most trainable cat breeds tend to be energetic, social and food-motivated. This includes breeds like Bengals, Abyssinians, Siamese and Maine Coons.  

Eager Beavers

Training uses rewards like treats to reinforce desired behaviors. Breeds that love food and people time tend to respond best.  

Reward Seekers  

Some breeds like Turkish Vans and Russian Blues seem more adept at problem solving to get rewards, a helpful talent during training.

Working Smarter  

While breed tendencies exist, an individual cat's personality also impacts trainability. Confident, attentive cats tend to embrace training best.

Individual Ability 

Clicker training, target sticks, consistent cues/rewards and kept short positive sessions all enable success when training cats.  

Training Tips

Even cats lacking investigative drive can learn litter box use. The key is rewarding every small step toward the desired outcome. 

Litter Lessons

Trainable cats can learn fun tricks like high fives, sitting, circle spins and more with regular practice. It builds a rewarding bond too!

Fun Tricks

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