Treating Skin and Food Allergies in Cats

Pinpoint if a food ingredient or something topical like fleas or pollen causes your cat’s itchy skin or ear infections.  

Identify the Allergen

Bathe your cat with a gentle, soap-free oatmeal shampoo specifically for allergies as needed.

Hypoallergenic Baths

If food allergies are suspected, work with your vet on a strict elimination trial diet.

Diet Change

Supplements with omega-3s and antioxidants can provide itch relief from the inside out.

Anti-Itch Supplements

If bacterial skin infections develop, antibiotics may be prescribed.


Use an Elizabethan collar and keep nails trimmed to prevent damaging scratching and wounds.

Prevent Scratching

Keep your home clean and avoid exposing your cat to known triggers to proactively manage allergies.

Allergen Avoidance  

Tips for Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth