Traveling By Air With Your Cat Tips

Buy an airline approved carrier with leak-proof bottom, secure door, water bowl. Attach ID tags including temporary travel info.

Gear Up  

Get sedatives or anti-anxiety meds from vet if very stressed. Use calming pheromone sprays in carrier too. 


Verify airline pet policies, reservation size rules, times, terminal logistics. Ensure all travel documents and vet certificates current.

Confirm All  

Let kitty adjust to new carrier through positive associations weeks before flight day. Take short drives, feed meals inside.

Test Run  

Ensure ample room fitting carrier under seat on plane model by checking seat dimensions beforehand.  


Avoid extremely hot/cold seasons for cargo hold travel. Accompany if pet nervous. Some bans by snub-nosed breeds exist.

Cargo Caution

Feed light meals. Avoid giving tranquilizers not prescribed by vet already familiar with health history.


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