Training Your Pooch to Pick Up Objects

Use clear short phrases like "Take it" and "Hold it" so your dog learns your object grab cues.  

Verbal Cues   

Let your dog sniff and lick treats placed on items first so they make the positive association.  

Scent Motivation

Choose items your dog can easily and safely pick up and hold without slipping or hurting mouth.

Secure Grips

When dog touches item, say "Good take it!" and reward. Gradually shape full pick up and hold.   

Mark Progress 

Guide your dog's mouth toward objects. Praise small steps like nose touches until grabbing.

Direct Position 

Once succeeding with ground items, switch to higher shelves or hand-held objects.  

Increase Difficulty  

Practice fetch cues by having your dog carry leashes, toys to basket and other realistic items.

Use Real Life 

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