Training Your dog to Love Pets

Reward with tiny tasty treats when you initially touch pup to couple pets with positivity.  

Treat Associations   

Gently pet rather than pat hard so pups don't see hands as scary or threatening.

Keep It Light  

Notice locations like ears, chest and base of tail that get tail wags when rubbed. Focus there.

Find Fave Spots  

Touch palm to pup's nose then treat. They'll soon seek and "high five" your hand eagerly.  

Hand Target Training   

Say "Pet!" when you stroke pup so they associate word with pleasing touch.  

Add Cues  

Slowly brush while giving treats so grooming feels good too.

Brushing Helps 

Some dogs love tummy tickles! Try it out and reward cooperation.

Belly Rub

Training Your Pooch to Pick Up Objects