Total Costs of Owning a Cat Responsibly

Quality cat food, $15-30 per month. Treats $5-10. Provide fresh, clean water always.  

Food & Treats   

Litter is $10-30 monthly. Box is $10-20 initially. Scoop daily. Replace litter 2x monthly.

Litter & Litter Box  

$20+ for quality post. Cats need to scratch! Save furniture by providing posts around house.

Scratching Posts   

Interactive toys relieve boredom & excess energy. Budget $10-15 monthly for new toys to keep them engaged.


Nail trims & brushes every 1-2 weeks. Yearly vet exam $50+. Vaccines $20 each. Spay/neuter surgery $100+.  

Grooming & Health  

Have $500+ savings for unexpected vet bills. Cats prone to ingesting foreign items needing emergency surgery.

Medical Emergencies   

Average monthly total is $60-150 depending on food quality, litter preferences & health needs. Annual costs $500-2000.

Total Average Cost 

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