Top Toys for Keeping Indoor Cats Happy

Wands with strings or feathers at the end trigger cats' prey drive for swatting and chasing.

Feather Toys

Toys that make cats "hunt" for food keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Food Dispensing Toys

Rolling treat balls or maze feeders provide physical and mental exercise at mealtime.

Puzzle Feeders

Safe catnip-stuffed toys stimulate cats' senses and provide hours of play.

Mice and More

Cats love to dash through tunnels and lurk in cardboard boxes to stalk "prey."

Hiding Boxes

Focused laser dot chasing satisfies cats' inner predator. Use sparingly.

Laser Toys 

Lightweight balls with bells, feathers and crinkly materials appeal to feline senses.

Bell Balls

The Mystery Behind Why Cats Love Boxes