Top Tiny Sized Dogs That Don't Shed

A petite intelligent version of the top allergy-friendly dog, the Mini Poodle impresses with brains and curls that don't shed.

Miniature Poodle

This popular lapdog’s long silky steel-blue and tan coat sheds minimally, making Yorkshire Terriers ideal small companions.  

Yorkshire Terrier  

Adorable white powder puffs, loyal toy-sized Maltese and their glamorous but non-shedding floor-length coats delight owners seeking cuddly couch companions.  


A former aristocrat breed, the Havanese sheds minimally thanks to its curly coat ideal for city dwellers with allergies.


With monkey-like faces surrounded in scalloped reddish-brown curls, low-dander Brussels Griffons earn affection as silly sidekicks.

 Brussels Griffon  

An undoubtedly unique largely hairless breed, Chinese Crested dogs shed minimally, making them perfect petite companions ideal for allergy sufferers.   

 Chinese Crested

Crossbreeds like Maltipoos, Schnoodles and more merge positive traits from Poodles, Maltese etc into shed-free packages.  

Designer Mixes Too!

Small Dogs that don't Shed