Top Reasons Dogs Lick Paws Excessively  

Dogs may have environmental or food allergies causing itchy, inflamed feet leading to frequent paw licking.

Itchy Allergy  

Dogs lick to try removing debris or grass seeds painfully poking between sensitive toes and pads.  

Objects Trapped

Licking is instinctual first aid to temporarily soothe scraped feet or keep cuts clean from dirt to heal faster.  

Healing Wounds  

Excessive paw licking or biting can indicate emotional stress in dogs needing soothing intervention.

 Anxiety Stress  

 Bacteria, ringworm fungi or parasites like maggots prompt intense foot licking to ease itching.


Gently wash irritated paws with warm water after licking episodes, avoiding harsh chemicals.

 Cleaning Care  

Senior dogs tend to excessively groom when mobility prevents paw care, needing help.

Age Factor  

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