Top Most Loyal Companion Dog Breeds 

Despite wariness toward strangers, Lhasa Apsos show unwavering devotion and loyalty toward their own families.

 Lhasa Apso

Sweet-tempered Cavaliers form intensely strong bonds with their favorite humans. They thrive on close companionship.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Yorkies exhibit steadfast loyalty toward their special persons even if initially standoffish toward newcomers.  

Yorkshire Terrier  

Shiba Inus loyally stick by their owners' sides but won't seek attention from strangers. Their affection must be earned.

Shiba Inu

Playful French Bulldogs live to love their human families. They eagerly shower them with affection.  

 French Bulldog

Boston Terriers earn their nickname "The American Gentleman" thanks to unwavering fondness toward owners.

 Boston Terrier

The even-tempered Pug aims to please lucky owners who are recipients of their faithful company.


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