Top Farm Dog Breeds   

Energetic herding dogs. Highly intelligent, athletic, protective of livestock. Excel at farm work.

Australian Shepherd

The premier herding dog breed. Tireless workers with strong herding instincts. Excel at guiding livestock.  

Border Collie

Huge livestock guardian dogs. Natural protectors with powerful builds to deter predators. Docile with livestock.

Pyrenean Mastiff 

Independent guardians of flocks. Intimidating presence deters coyotes, bears and other predators. Low maintenance.

Anatolian Shepherd

Majestic mountain dogs. Calm, patient, gentle guardians. Use size and bark to ward off predators.

Great Pyrenees 

Versatile working dogs. Help herd livestock and watch over them. Alert and protective.

German Shepherd

Confident herders with boundless energy. Nimble and fast working dogs. May nip at livestock heels.  

Belgian Malinois

Top Obedient Dog Breeds