Top Dog Breeds That Love to Cuddle  

This velcro breed will stay glued to your side seeking affection. Cavaliers love belly rubs and napping on laps.

Cavalier King Charles 

Friendly family dogs that lean into every pet and never tire of attention. Goldens will cuddle all day if allowed.  

Golden Retriever  

Often perching on shoulders to be close, the Havanese craves quality time with their owner. Daily brushing removes tangles.


Despite their tough appearance, Bulldogs love to snuggle and be near their people. Their squishy folds need cleaning.


Cheerful powder puffs that think they are lap dogs despite their size. Bichons soak up endless affection.  

Bichon Frise 

Known for being "shadows," Pugs follow their owners room to room for optimal cuddle time and close bonding.  


Though fragile, Italian Greyhounds love being wrapped in blankets and held close by caring owners.  

Italian Greyhound  

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